What is the shelf life for Kaimade Milk Cookie dry mix?

  • Each bag of dry cookie mix has an expiration date on the ingredient label located on the back of the bag.


Do I need to mix the entire bag of dry cookie mix?

  • Yes, you will need to mix the dry mix with the wet ingredients which include eggs, water, butter and vanilla extract.


How many cookies can 1 bag of dry cookie mix make?

  • Each bag of mix will yield 24-48 cookies depending on your desired cookie size.  Should you use the Kaimade scooper and baking sheet, you can maximize your mix to 48 cookies.


Once the dry mix has been mixed with the wet ingredients, how long does the dough last?

  • The dough will last up to a year in your freezer from the date you mix the dry mix.


What is the recommended amount of cookies that I should eat per day?

  • For our first time Kaimade Mommies, we recommend eating 4 cookies per day for the first week.


How long will it take to see my results?

  • Every nursing Mother's body reacts differently to our cookies.  On average our Kaimade Mommies will see results within 3-4 days of eating 4 cookies a day.  Some of our Kaimade Mommies have seen results within a couple of hours to a day of eating our cookies. Results do vary and work for every 8 in 10 Women. There is a possiblility our cookies may not work for you.


lost your direction card? You may view how to pre-pare your mix here!


How long are my baked cookies good for?

  • We recommend baking your cookies every couple of days or per week to get the best result of your baked cookie. They are best baked fresh for 2-3 days; there are no preservatives in them.

  • You may choose to bake all of your cookies and store them in the freezer depending on what’s convenient for you.


What is the process and delivery timeline for my order once I receive my confirmation email?

  • Once your order is confirmed via our website and you receive a confirmation email, your order will be processed in 3-7 business days (Monday-Friday) and standard USPS shipping time varies on shipment destination.


I haven't received a confirmation email, did my order go through?

  • Be sure to double check that your email address was entered correctly while placing your order. If it was misspelled you won't receive any of our emails. If this has happend, please inform us so we can manually send you your emails.

  • Check your JUNK MAIL. Your email may have been filtered in there.


Where is my order? I haven't received any updates since placing my order.

  • Please check to see that your processing time has indeed exceeded the 7 business days before contacting us. If you haven't received a 2nd email from us with your shipping info, that means your order is still processing and has not yet shipped. You may refer to our "Policies" tab on our website for more information.

  • Expect delays during the Holiday Season. Since that is the busiest time of year for most businesses. It also may delay processing & shipping times. 


How does on-island pickup work?

  • You may select the On Island Pick up Shipping option on our checkout page. Be sure to select the appropriate Island.

  • You may refer to our On Island Pick Up page for Pick up times and locations.