our Gluten Free Milk Cookies

Meet Maureen Eppler!

The lovely face behind our Gluten Free Lactation Cookies.
Maureen made the bold decision to change her lifestyle and become vegan and gluten free.  She decided to go vegan for three reasons; her husband was already a practicing vegan,  she made the commitment to live a more health conscious lifestyle, and realized she just couldn't sacrifice her love for animals.  Her deciding factor to become gluten free was her battle for many years with inflammation and by changing her eating habits it has helped her tremendously!

Maureen grew up on Kauai, Guam and Alaska and currently resides in the beautiful state of Oregon. She manages the nutrition department at Whole Foods Market, has extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and is nearly finished with her Nutrition Degree!  Maureen enjoys cooking, baking and is looking forward to pursuing her dream of becoming a vegan Chef!

Just last year Maureen started a vegan and gluten free food blog called @sageandcitrus_vegan  

Please visit her blog and you will find some incredibly yummy dishes and recipes! 
It has been an rewarding journey to collaborate with a childhood friend and our Kaimade thanks to Maureen for bringing to life our Gluten Free Lactation Cookies!